1. London Town

    What you must do while in London:

    • London Eye. Don’t go in the middle of the day. It’s open until about 8.30pm, go and watch the sun set over the city with a much shorter ticket line
    • Wander through Hyde Park and take it all in. Grab a rug and some food and find a spot by one of the beautiful gardens for a picnic lunch.
    • Harry Potter Exhibition. I loooove Harry Potter, and yes, this was one of the best days of my life! It is amazing and I think anyone who has seen the movies should go. Book your tickets online before hand.
    • Camden. Go to the markets, wander the streets, eat amazing food, drink, buy gifts you won’t get anywhere else. It’s so so good.
    • M&M World. There was no where near as much chocolate in this place as I was hoping, but it’s still fun to visit.  
    • Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guards. It’s a pretty big deal and a lot of effort goes into the changing, make sure you see it at least once. 
    • Just stand and admire Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. Soak in the moment, it feels good.
    • If you want to be tattooed in London, The Family Business in exmouth market place is amazing with some insane artists.

    These are just a few of the things I did in my week visit. It is such an awesome city and I understand why so many people from all over the world choose to make this city their home. Go Explore and be prepared to fall in love with London Town. 



    I am so in love with everything in Spain, but San Sebastian is easily my favourite Spanish getaway! 

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    While I sit here on a cold, rainy Saturday afternoon with a firm grasp on my hot tea, it’s clear Winter is well on it’s way. So it’s hard not to daydream about somewhere much warmer that requires a lot less clothing.

    Lately i’ve been having serious Bali cravings. The last time I headed over to Indo was in 2011. It was an action packed 10 days and I had a blast! I hope to go again this year, but this time it’s going to involve a lot more cocktails and sun baking rather then adventuring. Everyone needs a R&R holiday every now and then!

    These are some of my favourite photos from my last trip there, they make it oh so much harder not to buy a ticket right now and chase the sun!

    If you have any amazing Bali tips about accommodation, secret spots etc, I would love to hear them!


  7. Croatia

    My words are not going to do justice to the beauty of Croatia. My photos can help to show what this beautiful country is all about, but even then, you need to see it for yourself. So I am going to keep it short and sweet…

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  10. G’DAY U.S.A

    A little inspo piece to show some of the photos that make me so excited to go to America & Canada hopefully some time in the next year.